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2021 Will Be Game-Changing -– These Are Our Top Wellness Trend Predictions

Jan 7, 2021

2021 Will Be a Game-Changing Year for Wellness

We believe 2021 will be the year that many people make significant lifestyle changes, driven by 2020’s adversity.

Let's start the year off on a positive note.

This past year has been full of obstacles. Whether we were ready to or not, we all made substantial changes to our lifestyles (pretty much on the drop of a dime) and that’s no small feat!

While it’s been incredibly difficult, it’s usually the difficult times in our lives that lead to growth and teach us how to be resilient.

For many of us, work went remote / online, we figured out how to optimize our health at home with virtual workout platforms like Peloton, we figured out how to maintain our sanity and actually increase efficiency at work (even with kids and barking dogs running around the house!), we found ways to implement self-care treatments into our daily regimens, and so much more. If there’s anything this past year has shown us, it’s that we can do anything.  

Now that we’ve found our stride, 2021 will be full of changes that we’ll be making on our own volition ––many of them shaped by the changes we were forced to make in 2020.

Below are some of our predicted wellness trends as well as some advice from our wellness pros on how to implement them into your life.

1. Prioritizing Self-Care: Home Spa Treatments

Facial Treatment: Microneedling

With little access to facials and other esthetic skin care treatments during 2020, many people looked to optimize their at home skin care regimens with innovative beauty tools and skin care products. One top trending treatments that will become a staple in 2021 skin care regimens? Microneedling.

Microneedling works by creating micro-traumas to the skin that activates the body’s healing response. This ultimately results in increased collagen and elastin, two of the most important proteins responsible for maintaining the strength, integrity, and youthfulness of the skin. Furthermore, microneedling breaks the top layer of the skin –– allowing for skin care products and nutrients to more effectively penetrate the skin.

When it comes to home microneedling products, we are head-over-heels in love with Mesolyft.Mimicking expensive high-tech medispa treatments, Mesolyft puts the power of science into your hands for both instant and long-term results. While MIT research prompted the creation of the micro-needle wheel, biochemists helped concoct MesoLyft’s skin-saving formulas rich in vitamins, antioxidants and peptides.Mesolyft is created by Masha Banar who is a Certified Physician's Assistant and also the founder ofVisage Sculpture—a cosmetic clinic in Boston that focuses on non-surgical face shaping.

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Body Treatment: Compression Therapy

Our lymphatic system is one of the most important in our bodies. It’s responsible for filtering out old and damaged cells, pathogens, cancerous cells, and more –– but it requires a little extra help on our end to ensure it functions properly.

Unlike the circulatory system in our bodies, the lymphatic system is pumpless, and movement of lymph is dependent, in part, on the movement and contraction of our muscles and joints. Another way to do this is artificial movement through massage therapy.

Since high-touch services (like massages) were taken off of the table for us this year, self-serve compression therapy systems, like the Pressomassage LX7 Max Drainage System, have been extremely popular.

The Pressomassage is a pressurized body sleeve that stimulates the body’s natural healing response and has profound impacts on immunity, recovery, and enhanced performance (making it a highly sought after treatment by endurance athletes!).

Following the principles of lymphatic drainage, or pressotherapy, the Pressomassage LX7Max Drainage System from Arosha® applies a wave of pressure to the subdermal tissue, from the base of the limbs and up the body. The sensation is similar to a relaxing massage and promotes a natural feeling of relaxation and wellness, perfect after workouts. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of cellulite.


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If there’s anything this past year has shown us, it’s that we can do anything.  

2. Prioritizing Emotional/Mental Health

An increasing number of people have reported increased anxiety, depression, and stress as a result of the pandemic. While this is a challenge that will be tough to work through, there is a silver lining: 2020 has provided us with a shared set of experiences that we faced together. These experiences have allowed us to empathize more with those around us, helped us better relate to and understand one another, and also led to a more widely accepted view of mental health services that have often been viewed as “taboo”.

With the increased access to mental health professionals via telehealth services (like this one from TeleDoc), and a more widely accepted view of mental health services, many people will feel more comfortable reaching out to get care during 2021.

3. Prioritizing Physical Health: Virtual Classes

The pandemic has led to a major shift in online classes. Virtual classes for everything from fitness to cooking classes to language learning are now available at our fingertips –– and after a whole year of optimization and quality improvement, they’re extremely easy to access and engage with.

Language Learning

Learning a new language has shown to be one of the best things you can do to maintain optimal brain health, and it’s going to be a go-to for many people during 2021.

Many people are eager to travel and are making it a mission to learn a language before they do! Platforms like Babbel (who just introduced live classes!) help you learn a language quickly and effectively. They pride themselves on offering the shortest path to real-life conversations; 73% of their users indicated that they’d be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using Babbel!


With gyms around the world shutting their doors, many people have created dedicated workout spaces in their homes –– and they’re here to stay.

Many fitness platforms, like Peloton digital, have thrived as a result of the pandemic, with an over 100% increase in interest since December 2019.

Virtual workout classes make it easy to hold yourself accountable, give you access to professional personal trainers in the comfort of your own home, and also give you the opportunity to be a part of a virtual community of people who keep you motivated. We’re in the process of bringing you free workout / wellness classes to optimize your wellbeing at home. Check our our limited collections release of videos here!

Written by Kara Montgomery

Kara believes the small choices of what we expose ourselves to on a day-to-day basis have a profound impact on our overall health. As a published neurotoxicology researcher, Kara has participated in studies that examined the link between pesticides and Parkinson’s disease, which have garnered around $1 million in NIH funding. With this knowledge, Kara takes a critical eye to the products and habits all of us engage with on a regular basis. She holds a BS in Neuroscience from King University.

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