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VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial, Flower of Life

This hand-crafted Gemstone Vial is perfect to infuse your guests' drinking water with positive vibes. Naturopathic doctors use the vibrant energy of gems to prepare potent crystal elixirs for their therapies. VitaJuwel reinterpreted this tradition and created holistic crystal blends for everyone to use. Designed in the German Alps. Made by master glass blowers in the Czech Republic.


Flower of Life 

Amethyst | Aquamarine | Clear Quartz

VitaJuwel carefully chose this crystal blend to complement the deeply spiritual Flower of Life ornament that's engraved on their Crystal Water Era Decanter, Flower of Life.

Amethyst is the stone of the crown chakra. Incredibly protective, healing, and purifying, it is said to bring forth humility, sincerity, and inner wisdom. Aquamarine is used to clear the mind, calm the heart, and quiet the mind–the perfect meditation stone. Together they act as powerful door openers for enlightenment and higher consciousness.

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