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VitaJuwel Crystal Straw Set, 7 pc

The Crystal Straw Set has everything your clients need to add some magical crystal vibes to their next house party. It's a great conversation starter and keeps even the merriest party animal from grabbing the wrong drink. More than just sweet-looking accessories, these straws are great instruments to infuse drinks with natural gemstone energies.

The set comes with seven crystal straws and a variety of seven different gemstones, including amethyst, aventurine, tourmaline quartz, sodalite, orange calcite, carnelian, and red jasper.


- Extra-sturdy, pollutant-free glass
- Bamboo case with a plastic-free cleaning brush
- Genuine, hand-picked gemstone that’s free from any artificial coating

With Crystal Straws, VitaJuwel is encouraging people to stop using plastic straws for good. Every single component of the straws is without any kind of plastic.

VitaJuwel cares deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why they’ve decided to partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every Crystal Straw product sold.

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