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Valeur Absolue Vitalite Scented Candle


With tones of citrus and the pure smell of dewy leaves, Vitalité brings to mind the "joy in you that you feel at the end of winter," as the creator puts it. Vitalité is an uplifting and stimulating fragrance with invigorating, fresh and energizing citrus and fruity notes.

This lightly scented candle with beautiful essential oils and rich, mood enhancing fine fragrances is a healthier way to fragrance your home: 100% natural wax, cotton wick, no paraffin or formaldehyde for a clean burn up to 45 hours.

Features and Benefits

Creates a stimulating and vital fragrance in your home


Light candle and inhale deeply.


100 % Natural Vegetable Oil Wax, Fragrance (The Valeur Absolue basic raw material is classified in the RSPO Fair Trade and Sustainable Approved WWF/GreenPeace/Amnesty/Unicef.)

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