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Intrinsics at Home Silken Wipes, 2x2, 100 ct


Gently remove makeup or apply toner while enjoying a silky-soft feel. These lint-free wipes are designed to be less absorbent, so they won't soak up your expensive skin care liquids. Excellent for all skin types. Each wipe is 2" x 2". 100-count.

Loved For

- Softly applying toners and lotions
- Gently removing eye makeup
- Leaving more product on the skin and less on the wipe

Why Intrinsics?

Trusted and loved by spa professionals since the 1980s, these premier beauty essentials are used by estheticians in their treatments. Made with the highest quality materials, including US-grown cotton, they complement your luxurious facial products with a luscious feel and superior performance. No fraying or lint residue! 

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