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Fan Mask Brush with Synthetic Bristles & Acrylic Handle / 1.5"

Soft Bristles Enhance Body & Face Mask Applications

Use this soft fan mask brush to apply muds, gels, and clays to the face or body. Though it may look like a brush you’d get from an art supply store, it’s specially made for facial and body care products. Designed with a flat, wide span, it applies evenly and smoothly.

Unlike “natural” or animal hair bristles, these synthetic bristles are treated with silver ions to provide additional protection against bacteria and micro-organisms. Frosted acrylic handle and sable colored bristles with 1.5" span. 

Stock up on more than one so you have a dedicated facial brush and body brush!



  • Synthetic bristles—no animal by-products
  • Super soft!
  • Offers smooth, even application
  • Bristles treated with silver ions


Pairs Well With

Body & Facial Masks and Gels
Rubber Mixing Bowl
Herbal Wrap Sheet (for body masks)
Plastic Spatula


Brush Care

Thoroughly rinse off any product remaining on the bristles or brush handle. Dispense mild soap or gentle shampoo in your hand, and swipe brush through it. Rinse again. Gently press bristles to release excess water. Allow to air dry on a clean towel overnight.

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