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dpl Wrist Wrap - Arm & Wrist Pain Relief Light Therapy


Treat yourself with enhanced light therapy treatments with the dpl® Pain Relief Wrist Wrap. This product utilizes infrared light to safely relax the muscles in the wrist, provide added support when dealing with aches and pains, and ease discomfort from other physical ailments. Wraps comfortably around the wrist, providing nourishment well below the skin’s surface. FDA-cleared. OTC Class II medical device.


Features and Benefits

DPL® Pain Relief Wrist Wrap. Slide on this wrist wrap to our arm and enjoy pain relief from your fingers up your arm. Wrap fits snuggly on your arm providing you with comfort well below the skins surface. The LED’s shine directly on the skins surface penetrating well deep below. Providing relief from soreness, stiffness, aches and pains by increasing the circulation and stimulating muscles. Use at home to assist from pain in the wrist. Pack in your bag when traveling or use after exercising to provide relief to the hands, wrist and lower arm. Suffering from carpal tunnel? Does your job require hours of repetitive use of your fingers, hands or wrists? This is the device for you


1. Insert the USB plug from the dpl Wrist Wrap into any USB port or into the provided USB power supply. 2. Place the device on wrist. 3. Press the on/off switch to the on position to start the device. 4. Therapeutic lights should be seen. 5. Recommended treatment time is 14-25 minutes. 6. Move the on/off switch to the off position to stop the device and unplug the adapter.

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