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Advice for Brides to Be: 5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Planning

Weddings are stressful. You want everything to be flawless –– including yourself. Ironically, all that stressing about perfection does way more harm than good. I’ve witnessed so many women fall into the trap of working so hard to make everything “perfect” that they get consumed by it, ultimately undoing all of their crazy hard work. This is where I want to caution you:don’t be too hard on yourself.

Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Skin

I personally love to see the fine lines that are the result of laughing and smiling often ––they are the result of a life well-lived. I have also seen the facial lines that result from excessive worry and stress. Those lines tend to be deep and harsh and can seem to pop up overnight. There could be the possibility of an acne flare-up that could take weeks or even months to clear up. I have also had clients literally break out in hives or intense red blotches during a makeup application due to some flaw in a minor wedding detail. There is no amount of makeup that can fix that.

Weight Changes

Advice for Brides to Be: 5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Planning

There are some folks who experience a loss of appetite when they are stressed. I probably don’t need to spell it out for you, but the loss of appetite over an extended period of time usually leads to weight loss. The opposite is surely true of me. The more stressed I am the more food I consume ultimately leading to gains. There is also something else happening behind the scenes when we are stressed: a rise in the stress hormone cortisol.When your body is constantly releasing cortisol, it can affect every part of the body and put you more at risk for sleeping problems, weight gain, and even depression.

Overall Change in Demeanor

Advice for Brides to Be: 5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Planning

In my opinion, this is the most heartbreaking of all. There are certain times in one's life where the measure of joy experienced is at an all-time high. People can see it in your facial expressions and in the way you carry yourself. There is the outward appearance that says there is nothing in the whole wide world that could bring me down. A reason I choose to do bridal makeup is to expose myself to this atmosphere more often. Use this as a gentle reminder that these moments are fleeting –– don’t let stress rob you of joy.

Though many people believe that this sort of stress “comes with the territory,” it doesn’t have to. Below are some things that can help prevent and reduce bridal stress.

1) Be resolved to not let anyone or anything cause you undue stress.

2) Find practical ways to de-stress by taking time to meditate on the importance of your wedding day, finding time to do the things you love, and making sure to take a bit of quiet time or “you time.”

3) Write down or add reminders in your phone of things that make you happy. Make a list of your favorite things, persons, songs, memories to help when you feel stress coming on.

4) Don’t expect or require perfection. Things won’t go perfectly but likely you will be the only person who realizes the small mishaps.

5) Enlist the help of persons you trust. Delegate responsibilities to them. Friends are always happy to help.

May you have less stress and truly enjoy your big day!

Advice for Brides to Be: 5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Planning

Bonnie Thomas, Professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician of 17 years

Having spent some time as an Aesthetic Specialist at a world-renowned hospital, she specializes in corrective and camouflage makeup, skincare, and chemical peels. She has been trained by MAC Cosmetics, Jane Iredale, Colorescience and a host of Medical Grade Skincare companies. She has also consulted for different brands on improving and creating global colors. Education in her trade continues to be of the utmost importance to her, to the benefit of every person who sits in her chair. Bonnie is a 3rd generation beauty professional. Her grandparents owned and operated a successful salon and she is the daughter of a barber and a beautician - the beauty biz is literally in her veins! She finds inspiration from her clients as individuals. Hearing about their lives and future aspirations helps turn her canvas (your face) into a custom work of art. Check out Bonnie at Cleveland Bridal Makeup Co., on Facebook, and Instagram.

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