10 Easy To Do Relaxation Exercises While Sitting


Relaxation exercises are an effective way to cope with everyday stress that affects both mind and body. If you’re busy and don’t have enough time to engage in physical activities, you should try to do relaxation exercises while sitting.

Easy To Do Relaxation Exercises While Sitting

1. Look for a Quiet and Peaceful Place

To start your relaxation exercises while sitting, go first with the basics. Look for a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be interrupted for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Take a break from whatever you’re doing and check first your thoughts and feelings. Dim the lights if you like and wear comfortable clothing. You can also put background music of natural sounds or any soothing music you prefer.

2. Start with a Meditation Exercise

relaxation while sitting

It is important to feel free and be comfortable in your sitting position. Start with a meditation exercise. Many people tend to breathe faster because of anxiety. Sit up with your spine straight and supported by the back of the chair. Relax first your facial muscles, and then shoulders and arms. Uncross your legs or ankles and take a deep breath. While breathing in, hold your breath for 5 seconds and then breathe out.

It is better to do the breathing process slowly. Use your lower chest muscles to breathe in and repeat this step 5 to 10 times. This will help release all your tensions in your body and clear your mind of any negative thoughts.

3. Visualization

visualization exercise

After meditating, the visualization exercise follows. This is one of the easiest relaxation exercises you can do while sitting.

Close your eyes and imagine a thing or a place that conveys peace and comfort. Think of your favorite spot in nature or a person that inspires you. You can do this exercise either in silence or while listening to soothing music. Make use of your senses to visualize a scene and feel the sense of peace and calmness it brings. This will help you to think positively in your everyday life.

You can also include some stretching techniques. Here are some of the easiest stretching and relaxation exercises while sitting down.

4. Head and Neck Roll-Ups

relaxation exercie for neck and head

For the neck roll-ups, rotate your neck clockwise for 8 seconds, and then another 8 seconds to rotate it counterclockwise.

As for the head exercise, place your right hand over your head and against the left side of your head and then press until you are slightly leaning into your shoulders. Repeat this on the opposite side. This kind of easy to do exercise while sitting is the best way to reduce the pain and release the tension in your head and neck.

5. Shoulder and Overhead Stretches

relaxing overhead stretches while sitting
Lift your shoulders and make large circles going forward and backward. You can rotate your shoulder one at a time. This is followed by the overhead stretch.

Put your arms up and fold your left arm by holding your elbow or palm for 8 seconds and then repeat on the other side. This allows the blood to circulate to your arms and to your shoulders and will help strengthen your muscles.

6. Leg Extensions

leg extensiones while sitting

After stretching your arms, you can do simple leg extensions. Lift and stretch out your left leg for 8 seconds and the other leg for 8 seconds. Then, lift and stretch out both legs for 10 seconds. This leg exercise is essential to improve flexibility and to reduce discomfort due to long periods of sitting or walking.

7. Feet Flexing

feet stretching exercise while sitting

Feet flexing is a form of exercise that keeps your blood flowing freely towards your legs. To do this, place your feet flat on the floor. While your feet are touching the floor, lift your heels. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then relax. You can do this one heel at a time. This relaxation exercise increases the strength and flexibility of your legs and toes.

8. Ankle Rotations

anckle rotation exercise while sitting

Rotate your left and right ankles one at a time. Rotate for 8 seconds clockwise and another 8 seconds counterclockwise. This exercise will increase the blood flow through your legs and feet and is also important to improve your overall comfort while walking, standing, and running.

9. Waist Rotations

waist rotation exercise while sitting

Rotate your body to the left as far out as you can and hold the position for 5 seconds, and then repeat on the right side. Do this 3 to 5 times. You can hold the back of your chair with your hands for extra support.

This is one of the most effective easy to do relaxation exercise while sitting. Experts recommend this exercise since it can improve your posture, relax your waist, and help reduce back pain.

10. Self-Massage

relaxing self massage for your face

Massages, particularly facial massages, are an effective way to boost one’s mood and can also decrease anxiety. Massages are more than just making you feel good; they also offer physical benefits such as soothing tired muscles and aching joints.

First, close your eyes so you will be more relaxed. Slowly and gently, massage your scalp with your fingertips, using circular motions. Use your thumbs to pinch the base of your skull.

Next, massage your face in a circular motion, too. Target your forehead, temples, nose bridge, and jaw muscles. Do this for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

It can be tough for you to find time because of your busy schedule but you should always try to make time each day and work through these simple relaxation exercises while sitting. You can meditate and practice breathing exercises while sitting on a bus or taxi during your commute to and from work. You can also do some stretching exercises while at your desk.

The great thing about these relaxation exercises that can be done while sitting is that you can do them anywhere and anytime — even while you’re at work.

Once you have practiced and incorporated these easy to do relaxation and breathing exercises into your daily routine, you will find your muscles and mind more relaxed. Whenever you feel tense or anxious, do any of these simple relaxation exercises to boost your energy and mood, thus leading you to a peaceful state of mind and body.

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