What are the Best Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep?


A good night’s rest can mean the difference between a having good day or a horrible one. Sleeping restores your body by repairing damage and boosting your immunity. It builds up the energy stores you need for the next day.

A night of tossing and turning can lead to less energy, headaches, and an inability to concentrate. When you’re tired, you become more irritable and less friendly. This could potentially affect your family, friends, or career.

Essential oils for relaxation and sleep help the body and mind get the rest that they need. They calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety. They help you avoid nighttime restlessness and stress-induced insomnia. The soothing nature of specific essential oils lulls your body into a state of peace, inducing a more productive sleep.

Taking breaks or performing mild relaxing activities during the day also does wonders for the body. Having a cup of tea, listening to music, or even a short session of yoga restores your body’s energy and reduces your stress levels.

Using essential oils while relaxing optimizes your rest by helping clear your mind of negative emotions like anxiety and depression. The effects are both psychological as well as physiological, as the soothing effects of essential oils stimulate your own body to produce chemicals that bring about relaxation as well as calm and satisfaction.

What are the best essential oils for relaxation and sleep? The best essential oils for relaxation and sleep are:

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Lavender
  3. Frankincense
  4. Cedarwood
  5. Vetiver
  6. Marjoram
  7. Ylang ylang

Now, lets look in detail, how the above mentioned essential oils for relaxation and sleep help you to get the rest and calmness you need.

What are the Best Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep

1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been used by Buddhist and Tibetan monks for calming the mind and achieving a blissful state of relaxation. They have traditionally been using sandalwood to treat anxiety, depression, and stress-induced insomnia.

While you may not be suited to the ascetic life of monks, you can benefit from their practices by using sandalwood to improve your mood, focus your concentration, and relax your body. Use sandalwood as you meditate or do yoga. The increased focus will help center your mind and achieve your desired state.

sandalwood essential oil for relaxation and stress

How to use Sandalwood essential oil for relaxation and sleep

  • Add two to three drops of sandalwood oil into your diffuser. Using sandalwood while relaxing or meditating rids the mind of worries and promotes a feeling of clarity.

2. Lavender

The soothing scent of lavender has been popular in perfumes for thousands of years. The use of lavender in infused baths has reportedly been a common practice way back in the Roman Era.

Lavender is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Using lavender oil reduces pain to an extent and boosts the immune system as well. It is also an essential oil that has a strong uplifting effect that promotes happiness.

When nighttime comes, put a few drops of lavender into a diffuser or even on your pillow to put yourself in a relaxing and deep sleep.

lavender essential oil

Using Lavender oil for relaxation

  • Add five to six drops of lavender oil in your bath. Soaking in the water relieves stress as well as softens your skin.
  • Add two to three drops of lavender oil into your diffuser as you sleep. The scent of lavender will calm your mind and body, leading to a more restful sleep.
  • A quick whiff of lavender right out of the bottle can instantly produce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

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3. Frankincense

People have also been using frankincense since the olden times for promoting feelings of peace and spirituality. In various religions, frankincense has been used as early as five thousand years ago. The use of this oil is prevalent until this day.

Frankincense decreases the intensity of negative emotions like anxiety, anger, fear, and depression. This leads to a healthier disposition.

frankincense essential oil for stress

Using Frankincense essential oil for relaxation and sleep

  • Add two to three drops of frankincense essential oil into your diffuser as you relax or meditate.

4. Cedarwood

Cedarwood has a neutral wood scent that creates a relaxing and peaceful ambiance. Dating back to the early Egyptians, Cedarwood is one of the earliest essential oils ever produced.

The scent of Cedarwood calms the mind and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. Inhaling the cedar scent triggers the body to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate moods and promote sleep.

cedarwood essential oil relaxation

Using Cedarwood essential oil for relaxation

  • Add three to four drops of Cedarwood essential oil into your diffuser a few minutes before you sleep to ensure a good night’s rest.

5. Vetiver

Vetiver is popular in India, but it is slowly gaining notice everywhere. It has a mild earthy scent that evokes feelings of calm and relaxation.

Using Vetiver oil dampens outbursts of emotions and could help those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. It is a natural sedative that promotes sleep and may help prevent occurrences of epileptic attacks.

vetiver essential oil relaxation stress

Using Vetiver essential oil for sleep

  • Add three to four drops of vetiver aromatherapy oil into your diffuser before you sleep, or on the onset of strong negative emotions.

6. Marjoram

Marjoram is said to be created by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and to have magical properties that promote love and banish sadness. True to the story of Aphrodite, marjoram helps reduce feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Diffusing marjoram oil relaxes the body and makes it possible for you to enjoy deep continuous sleep. Inhaling marjoram also helps open the airways for those with asthma or similar problems.

majoram essential oil

Using Marjoram essential oil for relaxation and sleep

  • Add three to six drops of marjoram aromatherapy oil into your diffuser. It also acts as a natural decongestant that helps relieve stuffy sinuses.

7. Ylang ylang

Found in the tropics, Ylang ylang actually means flower of flowers. It exudes a fresh floral scent that’s quite similar to jasmine.

The scent of Ylang ylang has an immediate effect on moods. It promotes feelings of calm and relaxation and eases anxious feelings and depression. It  also affects the body at a physiological level, and affects the stress responses by lowering heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Ylang ylang has mild sedative effects that put you in a relaxed state that’s conducive to sleep. A few drops in the diffuser is all it takes to take you to dreamland faster than counting to 10.

ylang ylang essential oil

Using Ylang ylang essential oil for sleep

  • Add three to six drops of ylang ylang essential oil into your diffuser before you sleep to ensure a good night’s rest.

Your mind and body need time to restore energy and recover from the stress and pressure of day to day activities. If you want to survive the daily beating that your mind and body gets, you need quality rest and relaxation.

Using essential oils for relaxation and sleep ensures that you get the kind of rest that you need to successfully repair and revitalize your mind and body. With the right kind of oils, you will wake up refreshed and ready to be more productive, more efficient, and happier.

Sometimes finding the best essential oils for relaxation and sleep for you just takes a little bit of trial. However, once you find that right combo, life will never be the same.

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